Western Melbourne Catchments Network (WMCN) is not one group but an amalgamation of past groups and a network of groups concerned about our natural environment.

WMCN is a not-for-profit association for individuals, groups and organisations that share an environmental vision for the wider Werribee catchment.  WMCN:

  • unites, strengthens and resources people, groups and agencies,
  • advocates for the protection, management and enhancement of natural heritage,
  • gathers resources for the implementation of the vision across the catchment.
  • is well resourced, well-researched, well-connected and speaks fearlessly to promote the shared vision of its members.

Seed Production Begins

WMCN received funding through the EPA's Inspiring Environmental Solutions program.  We will produce seed for reintroduction into native grasslands.  The project has allowed us to employ a conservation and land management trainee on a part time basis.  Welcome Lah!


Doreens Sketchbook

Protecting and enhancing a small grassland in Altona has been made possible through the EPA's Inspiring Environmental Solutions program.   During the 1940's local resident Doreen Eddison collected and pressed wildflowers from the local area.


Exploring Biodiversity

Our Habitat Maze will soon be appearing at festivals, school and community events. WMCN received funding through Caring for Country, Wyndham Council, Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water. 

Name That Bird

Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre has two new Bush Stone Curlews. We are hoping you will be able to suggest some suitable names